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Come Shoot A Spell



Jena Galindo Photography specializes in capturing images in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting and vibrant, with a focus on exhilarating moments and pure fun. Jena Galindo uses her years of experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your photos are exactly the way you want them to be. Photography is a lifelong passion for Jena and this is reflected in the stunning images they produce. Contact them for more details.


I have seen some of the most gorgeous photographs in Jena Galindo Photography's portfolio that I had to do a photo shoot with her. I had so much fun during an amazing session and really appreciate Mrs. Galindo's professionalism. She's worth every penny and more.

Jasmine Lowe

I have known Jena for a long while now and have told her that she should start her photography business. I was very proud of her when she took the leap and felt honored when I was able to snap a time with her in my busy schedule. I have seen her work before but this photo shoot was beyond my expectations. My husband was going on deployment soon and we had very little time to actually shoot (with two kiddos to boot). My husband had only gotten three hours of sleep. I was worried that we may not get the kids to cooperate. Jena handled it like a pro. Got the kids engaged as well as the sleepy daddy. She captured even our playful moments with our children and you can feel the emotions in each shot. I got my pictures back very promptly and she was willing to fix any flaws if I didn't like something. But truly there wasn't anything to fix. The girl has an even bigger talent than she does heart and personality. I highly recommend her, you won't regret it.

Hannah Jackson

Jena takes beautiful pictures! She has a wonderful, cheerful personality that allows her clients to feel at ease in front of the camera. She was able to take gorgeous headshots of my husband and me, as well as some lovely couples pictures that I continue to get compliments on. Would definitely recommend her!

Cymone Sandoval-Hopper